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In order to get to know each other, we find it helpful do do things together, not just sit and talk. Therefore, during the warm season we go for walks together, easy walks that allow us to talk to each other and we make sure that we can get some refreshments somewhere on the way.

During the cold season we thought of different activities that we hope you will like. Conversations come naturally in this kind of environment. So join us if you like.

Come alone or with friends, we can guarantee an enjoyable evening. Reservations are not necessary, but welcome. BTW, rain does not stop us from going for a walk unless you read otherwise.

We also have a Facebook site and don’t mind if you like it: www.facebook.com/globalvorarlberg

Our meeting dates for 2019


July 03, 2019: 18.30 / 6.30 pm – a bike ride to the Jannersee, a swim and after that a burger with a beer or coke. We will meet on the back-side of the trainstation (Gilmstrasse).

The meeting dates for summer and autumn/fall are coming soon!


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Mail: evamaria.haefele@gmail.com

Mobil: +43-676-475 65 80

 We update this site regularly, so keep coming back!

Christa and Eva


July 23, 2014

July 23, 2014

We meet either at Dornbirn train station or at the Gütle Restauran (it would be helpful if we had cars at the Gütle for the return trip because the buses are running not very late).

From there we go by bus 47 to the station „Alploch Schmitte“.

From there we walk on foot through the Alplochschlucht and Rappenlochschlucht to the Gütle. It is a very nice and easy one hour walk and we can enjoy a cool drink at the Gütle.

Departure from Dornbirn Station/Bahnhof: Bus Nr. 47 at 18.40

Departure from Gütle: Bus Nr. 47 at 18.52

May 22 – Walk in Hard

A smaller group than usually biked to Hard, where they were met by a couple more people. We started our walk at the icecream parlour, and made sure we had the necessary calories to manage the walk to the Rheindamm. There Eva and Kurt filled us in about the history and natural peculiarities of the Rhine as it flows into Lake Constance. We finshed the outing with a beer at the Fischerheim Schleienloch and only left because it started to rain.

January 23rd


On January 23rd, we had a wonderful tour of the vorarlberg museum in Bregenz this time. Our guide was the deputy director of the museum and he told us lots of little anecdotes that you could not hear otherwise. We finished by trying the excellent wine they serve in the café there.

Here is the link to the museum’s website www.vorarlbergmuseum.at

February 20th, 2014


On February 20th we met in the Bierlokal in Dornbirn. Once again it was a successful gathering with 14 people present, all ages and at least 5 different nationalities. After a round in which everybody had a chance to introduce themselves, nobody was short of conversation topics and we all had fun.

Saturday, February 16 – Meet us at the Funken


Saturday, February 16 — we invite you to enjoy a real Funken with us. If you are not familiar with this Vorarlberg custom you must come and join us. We will go to the Funken in Dornbirn Rohrbach. It is just behind the church on Rohrbachstraße. We will meet at the Kindergarten behind the church at 7.15 pm. Look out for a woman with a huge bright green (fake) fur hat and a flag that reads GlobalVorarlberg. Hope to see you there!

Successful Game Night


January 15, 2013 – It was cold and rainy on our third game night, and we had to find out that the Bierlokal was closed on that evening! Nevertheless, a couple of people found us, because we waited in the cold and then we wen to Café Steinhauser in Dornbirn. (So you see, we will be there no matter what.) There we enjoyed an interesting discussion about living abroad and being foreign and how much adjustment one can expect from foreigners in a new culture and how much is one allowed to impose one’s own values on other people. However, before it became too serious Eva explained how to play with a Dreidl, and we had much fun shoving around the presents. And we all went home with nice little gifts. Fortunately the waitress was not surpised at all when we started to play, because she had seen the article in the newspaper. We’re famous! Oh well, we may be one day.

First two game nights


October 22 and November 26 — Our game nights don’t seem to be as popular as the hikes. Which is a real pity, because we had some fun games. And we played them in English and German, whichever language came first to your mind. Quite refreshing and brought about some laughter due to the funny situations that stemed from our unothodox use of language.

In case you were wondering what we played. After lookting though the options we decided on „In a Pickle“, a word and reasoning game where you had to find things that fit into another or were larger than the thing in question. You had to be rather creative to convince the others of your choice. So, in case you were wondering, there was no money involved… just plain fun card games this time. Next time we’ll try the Dreidel.