Successful Game Night


January 15, 2013 – It was cold and rainy on our third game night, and we had to find out that the Bierlokal was closed on that evening! Nevertheless, a couple of people found us, because we waited in the cold and then we wen to Café Steinhauser in Dornbirn. (So you see, we will be there no matter what.) There we enjoyed an interesting discussion about living abroad and being foreign and how much adjustment one can expect from foreigners in a new culture and how much is one allowed to impose one’s own values on other people. However, before it became too serious Eva explained how to play with a Dreidl, and we had much fun shoving around the presents. And we all went home with nice little gifts. Fortunately the waitress was not surpised at all when we started to play, because she had seen the article in the newspaper. We’re famous! Oh well, we may be one day.