The Karren on May 21st

May 21: Our first hiking experience took place on May 21st. Unfortunately the weather turned bad at 6 pm, right at the time when everybody would have to get ready. So I assume that this was the reason that only Eva and myself showed up. We waited for a little while and then decided to walk up the Karren anyway. It was a very enjoyable experience. The rain stopped quickly and the temperature was just perfect for hiking. At the top we stopped for a drink and continued our conversation. While we were sitting in the restaurant heavy fog clouded the valley, but by the time we were ready to leave the sight was clear again. Hope our impressions from the hike inspire you to join us next time, on Monday, June 25th. Here are are our phone numbers, just in case.

Eva Häfele +43 676 4756580        Christa Tschofen +43 650 4407093


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