Once again, but this time only to Bürgle

Tuesday, August 14th. Today we were only three plus my son, and since it was hot and humid we decided to do a short walk and have a drink instead. So we walked up to Bürgle then down to Mühlebach and enjoyed a drink and inspiring conversation on a terrace. We’ll come up with some activities for the winter months, so even if you don’t like hiking very much, you may want to take a look at what we will do next. Well, there is one more walk scheduled in September. Hope to see you there.

Ein Gedanke zu „Once again, but this time only to Bürgle

  1. so nice to see you are all having a great summer….Im still in USA but for the next date, septembre, I will sure join you…rine or shine…and will bring Josef too…
    See you all soon.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer days…

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