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In order to get to know each other, we find it helpful do do things together, not just sit and talk. Therefore, during the warm season we go for walks together, easy walks that allow us to talk to each other and we make sure that we can get some refreshments somewhere on the way.

During the cold season we thought of different activities that we hope you will like. Conversations come naturally in this kind of environment. So join us if you like.

Come alone or with friends, we can guarantee an enjoyable evening. Reservations are not necessary, but welcome. BTW, rain does not stop us from going for a walk unless you read otherwise.

We also have a Facebook site and don’t mind if you like it: www.facebook.com/globalvorarlberg


Our meeting dates for 2020 – we are looking forward to meet new friends who like to join us in our sportive and cultural activities:

June 17, 2020: 18.30 / 6.30 pm we will meet for a another hike to the Karren.
Meeting place: Karren Talstation



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Mail: evamaria.haefele@gmail.com

Mobil: +43-676-475 65 80

 We update this site regularly, so keep coming back!

Christa and Eva


Last hike of the season


The hike on September 17 found again 5 women and men walking up the Karren. It was one of the last nice and warm evenings before the start of the cold and dark season. But we had an idea about what to do, when it is much nicer to stay inside.


Once again, but this time only to Bürgle


Tuesday, August 14th. Today we were only three plus my son, and since it was hot and humid we decided to do a short walk and have a drink instead. So we walked up to Bürgle then down to Mühlebach and enjoyed a drink and inspiring conversation on a terrace. We’ll come up with some activities for the winter months, so even if you don’t like hiking very much, you may want to take a look at what we will do next. Well, there is one more walk scheduled in September. Hope to see you there.

Third hike was a success


July 23: Finally the weather was nice. So we had quite a few people show up. Including my son we were 10 people! How wonderful! And we were truly international, I’d say. One from Slovakia, one from Venezuela, one from the US, one from Germany and the rest were Austrians. On the way up we got to know each other and before we ran out of breath we were at the top already, had a drink, enjoyed the view and continue our talks. Some of us walked back down, while the others took the cable car.


The Karren in June


June 25: It rained really hard all day and only cleared up late in the afternoon. Still we had a 100% increase of participants, which means we were four who made it up the Karren on June 25th. One of us went up by cabel car, but the rain is to blame for that. Again a very enjoyable experience.

As I mentioned before, we will walk up the Karren unless it is pouring cats and dogs. So please join us next time on Monday, July 23. And since it is during the summer holidays, bring you kids if you want to.

The Karren on May 21st


May 21: Our first hiking experience took place on May 21st. Unfortunately the weather turned bad at 6 pm, right at the time when everybody would have to get ready. So I assume that this was the reason that only Eva and myself showed up. We waited for a little while and then decided to walk up the Karren anyway. It was a very enjoyable experience. The rain stopped quickly and the temperature was just perfect for hiking. At the top we stopped for a drink and continued our conversation. While we were sitting in the restaurant heavy fog clouded the valley, but by the time we were ready to leave the sight was clear again. Hope our impressions from the hike inspire you to join us next time, on Monday, June 25th. Here are are our phone numbers, just in case.

Eva Häfele +43 676 4756580        Christa Tschofen +43 650 4407093


Welcome to the international hiking group in Vorarlberg!

An opportunity for internationally minded people in Vorarlberg to get to know each other. Once a month we walk up the Karren and invite you to join us. This is how we started, but from now on until it is nice and light enough to hike in the evening, we decided to stay inside and try a game night instead. So if you like to play come and join us. We’ll play all kinds of games, from card games to board games, whatever we find fun and interesting. We also invite you to bring your own game, so that we may try something new or old and tried.

No reservation necessary, just show up and bring your games, if you want to.

Christa und Eva

Christa T  0650 4407093        Eva  T  0676 4756580