Welcome to Global Vorarlberg

In order to get to know each other, we find it helpful do do things together, not just sit and talk. Therefore, during the warm season we go for walks together, easy walks that allow us to talk to each other and we make sure that we can get some refreshments somewhere on the way.

During the cold season we thought of different activities that we hope you will like. Conversations come naturally in this kind of environment. So join us if you like.

Come alone or with friends, we can guarantee an enjoyable evening. Reservations are not necessary, but welcome. BTW, rain does not stop us from going for a walk unless you read otherwise.

We also have a Facebook site and don’t mind if you like it: www.facebook.com/globalvorarlberg

Our meeting dates for 2018

April 25, 2018: 18.30 / 6.30 pm we meet at the Karren Talstation. The sun will shine for us!

May 30, 2018:  18.30 / 6.30 pm we meet at the Karren Talstation.

June 20, 2018: 18.30 / 6.30 pm we meet at Bahnhof Dornbirn and take Bus 38 to Fohramoos to hike to the Schwendalpe.

July 18, 2018:    18.30 / 6.30 pm we meet at the Bahnhof Dornbirn and bike to Jannersee to enjoy a nice evening there. Bring your swimming suit along.

September 19, 2018:  18.30 / 6.30 pm we meet at the Karren Talstation for a last hike in the year 2018 to the Karren.

October 24, 2018: Meeting place will be announced in time.

November 28, 2018: 18.30 / 6.30 pm we meet to get our Christmas Cookies ready for Christmas.

Thank you for coming back to our website!

Mail: evamaria.haefele@gmail.com

Mobil: +43-676-475 65 80

 We update this site regularly, so keep coming back!

Christa and Eva